Morning Routine And My Bullet Journal Beginning

So I have been learning about Bullet Journaling for a while now.  I always see posts on Instagram about it and think it is so interesting.  Planning, doodling, organizing....all in one place.  What could be better?!
This was my morning.  I decided to try and eat something healthier than coffee and mini muffins and take some "me" time.  Just me, my laptop, some breakfast & my bullet journal.  I started to work on things I needed to accomplish today and moved onward.

Bullet Journal Brush Lettering  justmelsdotcom

Bullet Journal Brush Lettering  justmelsdotcomHere is where I started practicing my brush lettering.  I love that I can make it look like I know calligraphy but I really don't, lol.  There are so many inspirational websites out there that can help me along my journey. Here are a some photos of where I started with the brush lettering.  I can tell it's messy, but I think I am my worst critique.

Bullet Journal Brush Lettering  justmelsdotcom
I am by no means an artist but I do like trying to doodle and this is definitely a fun way of doing it.  I do not have the best handwriting and have never liked it.  So, by practicing everyday, my handwriting has been better but not where I would like it to be.  Hopefully someday, lol.
Bullet Journal Brush Lettering  justmelsdotcom
 I love all the quotes that you can just add wherever you want into your bullet journal to add some fun.  Adding quotes for some holidays or birthdays or whatever you want.  Each bullet journal page doesn't have to be about planning, it can just be a quote or doodle.
Bullet Journal Brush Lettering  justmelsdotcom
Here are some of my favorite words and I love practicing writing them.  I am so surprised that this is so easy.  Some letters are giving me trouble but I just keep practicing.

Here are a couple websites that have helped me get started.

I hope you enjoy this and will follow me along my Bullet Journaling adventure.  If you enjoy Bullet Journaling, comment below and let me know.  I would love to find some more websites to help me along the way.



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