Foxy Locks Unboxing || Seamless Clip In Extensions || Vanilla Frappe Omb...

OMG!  I am so excited that I finally am able to try out the Vanilla Frappe Ombre extensions from Foxy Locks!
I have been loving the look of ash blonde hair and have started transitioning my hair to match these extensions.  I always take my extensions to my hairdresser and have her match my hair to them.
These extensions are high quality and are so easy to use.  Here is my How To: Clip in Extensions video.  The seamless design makes them so easy to hide in your own hair.  The clips are strong and very secure.
Here is my How To: Curl/Style Foxy Locks Extensions video.

Be sure to use my coupon code "foxymel" for a free gift with your order.  They also offer Free Express Shipping to the US.



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