10 Summer Styles that won't break the bank

Summer is the time for cut offs, t-shirts and sneakers....or dresses and sandals.  Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross, Styles for Less, Target, Rue 21 & Tilly's are just some of my favorite stores to shop.  Plato's Closet, Uptown Cheapskate, Clothing Revival and Runway Fashion Exchange are some used clothing stores that I frequently visit.  They have such great deals on used clothing, you just can't pass it up, or at least, I can't.

Here are some of my favorite styles for throughout the summer months.

Look no. 1 

This look features Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops in the great teal color and cut off jeans.  I found these sneakers for a discounted price at Ross Dress For Less.  Most of my clothing I find at used clothing stores such as Plato's Closet.  My shorts are American Eagle from Plato's Closet.  This top is actually very long but not quite long enough to wear as a dress so I just tied it up in a knot on one side.  

Summer Styles justmelsdotcom

Look no. 2

I found this top at Rue 21 and it is very oversized so I tied this one in a know as well.  These fun sandals are from Target and they are so comfy.  I tried to find them on their website because I really wanted to grab another pair but they are not on there anymore.  They do have plenty of other cute sandals in this same style as well as others that are super cute.

Summer Styles justmelsdotcom

Look no. 3

This adorable dress and sweater are from Love Culture.  These are oldies but goodies.  I paired this with some fringe sandals I found at Marshall's.  
This gorgeous necklace is from Gems in Vogue on Etsy.  It is similar to the Lana Jewelry Blake Lariat Necklace that Jaclyn Hill wears but for a fraction of the price.  Use my coupon code 'mels10' for 10% off.
I am also wearing my Foxy Locks Superior 22" Vanilla Frappe Ombre extensions.  Coupon code FOXYMEL for a free gift with your order.  These extensions are so beautiful and make me feel so beautiful.  It's so easy to create fun braids and other hairstyles with them.

Summer Styles justmelsdotcom

Look no. 4 

This is definitely one of my favorite looks because I distressed this shirt myself.  I had been searching and searching for a distressed rock and roll style t-shirt for what seemed like months so I decided to just do it myself.  There will be a video tutorial coming soon.  Be sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel and keep your eyes open for that one.
I snatched this shirt up from Rue 21 when I found the top from Look no. 2.  These cut off jeans are American Eagle and I found them at Plato's Closet.  They are a little too big so I just fold over the top and it's perfect.
Also wearing my Foxy Locks extensions again.  More often than not, I am wearing my extensions because I love them so much.  Don't forget about my coupon code, 'foxymel' for your free gift.

Summer Styles justmelsdotcom

Look no. 5

Another great find at Plato's Closet for this outfit.  This is just a plain white tee but it's so comfy.  It is american eagle and I am obsessed with their clothing.  Their t-shirts are so soft and comfy, that is actually their name lol.  
Again I am wearing this beautiful necklace from Gems in Vogue, coupon code 'mels10' for 10% off.  You won't regret it.

Summer Styles justmelsdotcom

Look no. 6

This jean jacket is another great find at Plato's Closet.  I love how versatile this jacket is.  I put this together with this summer dress from Tilly's.  These espadrille wedges I found at Payless Shoe Source.  Necklace is Gems in Vogue of course.

Summer Styles justmelsdotcom

Look no. 7

This beautiful dress was at Maurices and not available so I linked their dress page.  They have so many cute dresses.  I wanted this one a bit shorter in the front so I tied it in a knot.  Knots fix everything!  This cute arm cuff is from Rue 21.

Summer Styles justmelsdotcom

Look no. 8

Ross Dress For Less always has so many tee's and tanks to choose from.  I found this pretty light pink tank there and it is so comfy.  Again, tied in a knot.  I didn't realize I tied so many things in knots until I wrote this post. 

Summer Styles justmelsdotcom

Look no. 9

Asymmetrical shirts can be so cute.  This tank is definitely one of them.  I don't like crop tops or showing my tummy but this shirt does just a little and I think it's ok.  This shirt was another find at Ross Dress For Less.  Shorts are American Eagle from Plato's Closet.  I have now realized that all my shorts are American Eagle from Plato's Closet.  They are the most comfortable and fit me so well.  I am wearing my comfy sandals from Target as well.

Summer Styles justmelsdotcom

Look no. 10

This final look was from a day of thunderstorms and rain.  This adorable bralette is from a Buckle clearance rack.  It is a coral color and is just so pretty.  This top is from Marshall's and is so soft and comfy.  It was perfect for hanging in on this rainy day.
How cute is this phone case and popsocket?!  I found this case at Walmart.  Have you heard of Popsockets?  I have talked about them before and I also have a video about them on my channel.  Here is the link for you to watch my Popsocket video.  You can use my link to purchase your own Popsocket.  Just click this link and it will give you a $2 off coupon.

Summer Styles justmelsdotcom

I hope you guys enjoyed these 10 Summer Styles as much as I did.   Let me know which outfit was your fave in the comments and where you love to shop.



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