Affordable Makeup Haul with Shop Hush

Do you love affordable makeup?!  I do!!  Check out this affordable makeup haul on my channel.  Shop Hush is an amazing website and iOS app that carries of variety of trendy makeup and skincare products.

They have some very good dupes that are very creamy and pigmented.  I was really impressed with how these palettes compared to my high end palettes.  There will be more videos on my channel using these palettes and seeing how they compare.

Let's talk a minute about the pricing......let me just say, WOW!  The Aphrodite palette is $10!  They Royals palette is $10!!  The Unicorn Glow Highlight palette is $10!!!  😱  PLUS, you can use my coupon code 'mel10' and get 10% off your order!!!  AND it is always FREE SHIPPING, with no minimum order, when you buy through the app.  Can you believe that?1

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