REVIEW & GIVEAWAY! Nubyen Lip Augmentation Gloss - Does it work?!

Nubyen Lip Augmentation Gloss, does this work?!  Fuller lips without fillers, is that really possible?!
Well, I'm here to tell you that I truly believe that it is possible!


Here is a little bit about Nubyen Lip Augmentation Gloss.  This lip gloss is created by a team of medical doctors & clinical scientists and currently taking social media by storm.  It has been featured in Elle and Vogue magazine and is vegan and cruelty free!  It is made with natural collagen, hyaluronic acid, menthol, & lemongrass.

After applying a thin layer a slight tingle will develop and will reach it's peak in about 10 minutes.   The results are noticeably fuller lips with a more natural lip color.  The effects last us to three hours.  You can also reapply as desired.  You can wear this gloss either alone, or with your favorite lipstick.

Here is my before photo:
Before photo

To begin, I exfoliated my lips and made sure they were clean and dry.  I noticed the tingling right away and it did get warm and tingle more as the time went by.  I noticed that the color of my lips started to warm up and be a more natural pink.  My lips are very pale to begin with so I really enjoyed this.  The tingling was very strong but I believe that was because I exfoliated before hand and I applied a pretty thick layer.

After about 10 minutes I did have noticeably fuller lips with a beautiful natural pink color.  My lips kept tingling, but was not as strong, for about an hour after application and I did notice that the plumpness and color lasted for at least 3 hours.

Here is my after photo:
After photo

Overall, I am very pleased with this product and have been using it often.  I really love how it fills out the wrinkles on my lips and adds such a natural pink color.


To purchase Nubyen Lip Augmentation Gloss you can use code 'mel15' for 15% off!


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